We are experts in workplace knowledge, action-led research, decision making and change leadership, with a unique blend of academic pedigree and commercial competence.
Our quest is workplace betterment

Fancy jargon aside, what most organisations are really striving for is to become better at what they do. We believe passionately that the workplace matters as a lever to achieve this. But it is often terribly misused and underutilised

We help organisations by enabling them to think differently about the power of place: where space and culture collide

Betterment is at the heart of all our conversations. We help organisations rise above the shiny case-studies full of designer furniture and unsubstantiated promises. We focus on the ‘why’ rather than just the ‘what’ to unlock how the workplace can deliver practical benefits for unique needs, including:

  • increased workplace performance
  • happier more engaged employees
  • more intelligent and effective investment
  • more sustainable workplace practice

We are proudly independent, agile and absolutely committed to understanding our clients’ bespoke needs and leaving them in a more intelligent and informed position. We’re engaging, astute, gently provocative, and never shy to ask those awkward questions…

So what do you need to be better at, and what role should your workplace play?
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